Why Kefir is a Habit to Maintain

Kefir: make your own and reap the rewards! I have been making kefir for the last four years. Kefir is a fermented drink, most often made with cows milk. Its similar to yogurt, but even better for you: 1) because of the broader range of beneficial bacteria it contains 2) and the greater ability of those bacteria to colonise your gut. 3) no need to heat the milk, as you do with yogurt, so better if using raw milk. 4) more beneficial bacteria in kefir than in sauerkraut. 5) bacteria adhere so you have a greater chance to improve your […]

When it comes to the Thyroid …..

  It seems that Thyroid cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the US. And there are epidemic levels of glandoid tissue cancer, over and above the thyroid, such as ovaries, uterine, breast and prostate. Other problems with the thyroid that should concern us are hypothyroidism as in Hashimoto’s Disease, where the thyroid is under performing. This is an auto-immune disease where the body attacks its own tissues, in this case causing thyroid hormones to be reduced. Thyroid hormones have receptors in every tissue in the body, and if there are not enough of them […]


  SEVEN A DAY Here in the UK we have just been told to up our fruit and veg to seven a day, if we want to be healthy! This is based on ‘science’ of  course. No mention of where we get Vitamin D from, or essential fatty acids or protein. I guess its taken for granted that ‘animal fat’ is bad, or at least that used to be what ‘science’ told us before it was proved wrong. For a really excellent analysis of […]

What to drink first thing?

I make time for my morning ‘habits’ because that’s my priority, and I don’t have young children to be responsible for. But ultimately, even with the busy rush of family life, which I get a glimpse of when my granddaughter comes to stay, there is still the need to squeeze in some things to do first thing in the morning. And this is one of them. But I have elaborated on it to include two other ingredients! So the basic drink is warm water and the juice of half a lemon. To which I […]

Why do we look down on this delicious vegetable?!

Today I am running a Fermentation Evening for eight people from my local Transition Towns group, and the event is going to be covered by the Guardian newspaper as part of their Get Together column in the Saturday Food Supplement. The timing is perfect. Two weeks ago I had staying with me Maria Tarantino  and Sofia Corte Real from Brussels, who were leading the Fermentation Workshops at the Weston A Price Conference in Surrey, […]
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How to make Sauerkraut

There is no mystery about fermenting vegetables. Its a traditional way to preserve food, and to use up winter vegetables to last through the cold, and to give added nutrition because of the beneficial enzymes that they produce. Just take a white cabbage, and a selection of other suitable vegetables, such as carrots, onions, cauliflower, celery, onions and turnips, with garlic and ginger juice thrown in, and maybe a few chopped up red peppers for added spice and colour (without seeds though). Grate the carrots and ginger, and thinly slice the other vegetables with a mandolin or by hand. Cauliflower should be quite small and so […]

When you have tried everything else …..

When you have tried everything else, and there is just one thing left to do, it might JUST be food that could make all the difference! How has making my own ferments helped me, specifically sauerkraut? ORAL HEALTH IMPROVED Since regularly eating home-made sauerkraut I no longer get plaque build up around my teeth! This is pretty major for me because it was quite a large problem beforehand. The same thing happened to Dr Mercola. Apart from ferments he also recommends Oil Pulling, but I tried that for quite some while before eating homemade ferments and it did not seem to make a difference on its own. SMALL […]

A Quick and Easy Ferment

There is a new focus on food that is bubbling up to the surface, and that is the contribution of fermented foods to health, both of individuals and the planet. Fermented foods are alive with beneficial bacteria, needed in our guts, and enzymes released from food when it is broken down through fermentation. Our guts are often compromised by antibiotic overuse, in our bodies when taken as medication and from food where animals have been given antibiotics and plants have been sprayed by them. Of course because of our reliance on refrigeration […]
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When some people’s habits challenge your own!

Spending time with friends whose ideas on health are more conventionally based can be challenging. Do you keep quiet when the subject of statins comes up, or cholesterol, or salt or soya, or the importance of good fats? If I sneak in a little clue as to my other take on food and health: • statins are BAD because cholesterol is necessary and indicates the presence of inflammation • animal fats such as lard, butter, and cream, coconut oil and olive oil are GOOD • unfermented soy is BAD • sea salt is GOOD • wheat is BAD • high glycaemic carbs, including potatoes, are BAD • sugar is bad • foods that our grandmothers would recognise are generally GOOD I get blank looks of incomprehension and shock. [caption id=”attachment_476″ […]
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Getting a handle on Gluten