When you have tried everything else …..

Fabulous fermented food is not just a fadWhen you have tried everything else, and there is just one thing left to do, it might JUST be food that could make all the difference!

How has making my own ferments helped me, specifically sauerkraut?


Since regularly eating home-made sauerkraut I no longer get plaque build up around my teeth! This is pretty major for me because it was quite a large problem beforehand. The same thing happened to Dr Mercola. Apart from ferments he also recommends Oil Pulling, but I tried that for quite some while before eating homemade ferments and it did not seem to make a difference on its own.


The thing about sauerkraut is that you don’t need to have a large amount with each meal. Just a teaspoon is enough to change the balance of bacteria in your mouth AND YOUR GUT!


Community Sauerkraut Evening
Community Sauerkraut Evening

Which brings me on to my friend, a health practitioner who felt that she had tried everything for her hot flushes and her irritable bowel syndrome. I ran a Fermentation Evening at home with a few friends, and members of my local Transition group. One of us runs a vegetable box scheme so he brought round all the vegetables we needed (cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery and turnips) and we had a fun time making sauerkraut together. There were nine of us altogether, and we each brought our own knife and chopping board, and I bought in the kilner (mason) jars for them to take home their ferments. I served a meal first of baked celeriac in fresh tomato sauce with a goats cheese topping and green salad, with previously made ferments to taste, including a delicious fermented turnip. Whilst they ate I was able to answer their questions about how fermentation works, then we got down to work.


So how was my friend helped? Hugely. She took her sauerkraut home and waited two weeks or so for it to ferment. After three days of eating it her Irritable Bowel Symptoms disappeared. Yes, gone. So now she is regularly making her own sauerkraut at home, and swears that she had never had any other health input, and she is 70 and has tried many, which has had such a dramatic effect. Would she have done it if I had merely suggested it? I think not! Its coming together in the act of producing these ‘new’ foods, that makes the difference. We connect with each other, we can ask questions, and get our anxieties out of the way, and thrive on the excitement of creating something together, whilst at the same time having fun. Habits for health as we grow older don’t get better than this!

Making Ferments Together
Making Ferments Together







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