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The thyroid and where it is in the body
The thyroid and where it is in the body

It seems that Thyroid cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the US. And there are epidemic levels of glandoid tissue cancer, over and above the thyroid, such as ovaries, uterine, breast and prostate. Other problems with the thyroid that should concern us are hypothyroidism as in Hashimoto’s Disease, where the thyroid is under performing. This is an auto-immune disease where the body attacks its own tissues, in this case causing thyroid hormones to be reduced. Thyroid hormones have receptors in every tissue in the body, and if there are not enough of them or the wrong proportions, its no wonder that the problems they cause are fundamental to how our metabolism works. Metabolism is slowed down with an under active thyroid, resulting in weight gain and fatigue.


This problem is part of a bigger problem of auto-immune diseases generally, such as those that attack the adrenals (Addison’s Disease) or the brain (Parkinson’s), or the myelin sheath (Multiple Sclerosis), or the gut (Ceoliacs Disease)

These diseases are increasing at an alarming rate. Auto immune diseases are the third largest cause of morbidity in the industrialised world, behind heart disease. They affect women four times more than men. What should concern us is that most auto immune diseases have very little help from conventional medicine, apart from surgery to remove what is thought to be the problem, or drugs that do not address life style changes and nutrition.


So if we are to avoid the ‘its too late’ outcome of auto immune diseases, where it is thought that you never switch off that gene once it is activated, we need to be alert to the symptoms if they arise. And more importantly, gen up on how to avoid getting problems in the first place.

As we grow older we sometimes think that declining health is to do with age, and accept it as inevitable. That’s why it is so important to educate ourselves about our bodies and how they work. Is my fatigue a natural part of getting old? Is thinning hair something that is to expected, or dry skin, or constipation? Why are my eyebrows thinning? Or, rather, is my thyroid under performing and what can I do to put things right?


So when I came across the chance to wise up on the thyroid by listening in to the Thyroid Sessions, put on by Sean Croxton of the US radio show Underground Wellness, I jumped at it! It was launched on the 4th May and finishes on the 17th May. During that time you have the chance to watch three or four expert presentations every two days for free. At any point you can upgrade to gain access to that information beyond the last day. So far 9,500 people have listened in from all over the world. I listen in whilst cooking or doing chores, or just dropping what I am doing to concentrate and take notes. Then I listen again, and am AMAZED at the information I did not take in the first time round. Believe me, this is stunning stuff and it will change people’s lives. Click here to join in: Thyroid Sessions and send this post to someone you know who could be helped.


All of these presenters agree that underlying thyroid problems is a problem with gluten, and more generally grains. As one presenter said, there is no-one in the world who has a deficiency of grains! Gluten can initiate and exacerbate thyroid problems, and then set up cross reactivity to other foods, such as rice and dairy. Need help getting into that groove? 

We all do. I find that when my mind gets clear about the issues, I am better able to change my habits and my health.

Its smart to cut out gluten, but equally important is the decision to take care of your gut. And this ‘simple’ observation cuts to the chase. Absolutely educate yourself with new and relevant information. That is the first stage. But in the end when it comes to it don’t get bogged down in detail. Find a practitioner who is experienced at treating the thyroid, as the speakers in the Thyroid Sessions, and work at healing your gut, change your diet to thyroid friendly foods, and deal with stress. Cut out soya, eat more bone broths and organ meats such as liver, and stop those raw kale smoothies (raw cruciferous vegetables are goitrogenic and affect the thyroid) One of the presenters recommended the app Inner Balance to help with meditation and heart rate variability. I am a great believer in ‘short cuts’ and this promises to deliver. And if you are not used to eating liver on a regular basis check my next posting for some cool ways to eat it and enjoy it, including how to make liver capsules if you still can’t stand the thought of tasting it!  In the meantime check out this cool video of a toddler eating liver for the first time.  She absolutely loves it, despite her mother’s own ambivalence and obvious dislike!

Join in on the Thyroid Sessions and learn how to make the changes that will change your health and your thyroid for good. Read the comments of other listeners and see how these talks have changed their lives, and their outlook, to empowerment and to hope. 

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