Hi. I’m Gill, and I write about habits for health. As I am in my sixties (64) this may not seem relevant to younger women (or men). But finding time for yourself is a vital antidote to the hectic pace of modern day life. That’s the point about habits. Eventually they become part of who we are, without thinking. Developing good habits early in life is vital in this age of toxic environments and tangled emotions. Its my intention that by writing about good habits to replace bad, you are encouraged to create the time, so they assume priority over other more damaging habits. The payoff is greater vitality, and less visits to the doctor. Its true that at my later stage of life there is usually more time to think proactively about health. And more time to do things to maintain it.

There is also more need and incentive. Mine is to keep energized and active to enjoy life to the max. This way I might avoid dependency in old age for as long as possible. Both my parents needed looking after in residential homes in their old age, so I know what losing your health means.

My main influence in all this is my mother. My very first attempt to help someone who was sick was for her, when she had depression. As a ten year old I walked into a chemist and asked for a bottle of medicine that could make her better. The medicine did not work, but eventually she found her own way back to health, overcoming agarophobia post-menopause by sheer force of will. Then in her mid sixties she developed late onset Multiple Sclerosis, finally dying in 2005 aged 84.

So in my adult life I developed the carer’s role to a perfection, with finely tuned antennae to other people’s needs! Surprise, surprise that at 50 I was two and a half stone/35 lbs overweight.

At 53 I separated amicably. When an Australian naturopath friend offered me the chance to loose weight with a low carbohydrate, whey protein diet, (Atkins with heaps of nutrition) I did not take offence. I did it! This will be the subject of a future blog.

Finally, I am a health writer (books on candida and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and a hypnotherapist. Wise up to Health brings together my passion for health, not as an end in itself, but as a way to live life affirmatively. I also work with an American chiropractor, training osteopaths, chiropractors and other health professionals in the use of light and sound for health, as well as running my own business in low level laser light.

Both my children are in the health field: my daughter (pictured in the banner) is a nutrition coach, and my son is an osteopath. As a new grandmother I intend to cover issues spanning all stages of our lives!

Habits take time to develop and stick. A little bit of inspiration is what we all need in our journey towards a healthier lifestyle and a more light filled life.