What to drink first thing?

I make time for my morning ‘habits’ because that’s my priority, and I don’t have young children to be responsible for. But ultimately, even with the busy rush of family life, which I get a glimpse of when my granddaughter comes to stay, there is still the need to squeeze in some things to do … Read more

When you have tried everything else …..

When you have tried everything else, and there is just one thing left to do, it might JUST be food that could make all the difference! How has making my own ferments helped me, specifically sauerkraut? ORAL HEALTH IMPROVED Since regularly eating home-made sauerkraut I no longer get plaque build up around my teeth! This … Read more


  Habits for health as we grow older and raw milk?! Isn’t raw milk dangerous for health? Not according to the latest report. Anyway, isn’t milk only supposed to be for calves? Not if you look around the world to see how milk is used raw or fermented to form a significant part of many … Read more

Slovenia: here food is still real!

I have just come back from a food tour of Slovenia, organised by Dr Sylvia Onusic of Taste of Slovenia, and helped in situ by Kimberly Hartke, the publicist for the Weston A Price Foundation (check out her photos of Taste of Slovenia trip here). Slovenia is beneath Austria, in the former Yugoslavia, also bordered … Read more

Weight Loss as we get older

OK, so here’s the biggie, at least for me. Weight loss! As a pubescent girl people looking at my largish thighs used to say its ‘just puppy fat’. I did grow out of it, and it was only in my forties that I gained weight during a period of stress. I never calorie counted or … Read more