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Why Kefir is a Habit to Maintain

Kefir grains with raw milk kefir Kefir: make your own and reap the rewards! I have been making kefir for the last four years. Kefir is a fermented drink, most often made with cows milk. Its similar to yogurt, but even better for you: 1) because of the broader range of beneficial bacteria it contains 2) and the greater ability of those bacteria to colonise your gut. 3) no need to heat the milk, as you do with yogurt, so better if using raw milk. 4) more beneficial bacteria in kefir than in sauerkraut. 5) bacteria adhere so you have a greater chance to improve your digestion, your intolerances, and your overall health. Kefir was my first entry


Grass-fed milk full fat yogurt from a US store   UK Semi-skimmed pasteurised, homogenised milk in glass bottles Habits for health as we grow older and raw milk?! Isn’t raw milk dangerous for health? Not according to the latest report. Anyway, isn’t milk only supposed to be for calves? Not if you look around the world to see how milk is used raw or fermented to form a significant part of many cultures’ diets. Doesn’t milk cause mucous build up, and allergies? Yes, if its heat-treated. A small number of people cannot tolerate raw or pasteurized milk, but many who assume they are allergic to milk can actually tolerate raw milk. In one study, compared with